jazz/tap combo

Jazz/Tap Age 2 to 7

Classes will explore tap and jazz fundamentals through the use of fun music, imagination, creative movement and playful learning in this electric combination class! Children will develop coordination and musical interpretation while learning to listen to their teacher, co-operate with others and work independently. Levels will be based on age and will be divided appropriately. Be ready for your child to bring out their inner diva or dude! 

Kidz Kombo 1: 2 yrs (2 years as of September 2019), 30 min class, half jazz/half tap
Kidz Kombo 2: 3-4 yrs (Born 2015/2016), 45 min class, half jazz/half tap
Kidz Kombo 3: 5-7 yrs (Born 2012-2014), 1 hr class, half jazz/half tap


Tap Age 3 to Adult

This lively, rhythmic style of dance makes the dancer not just a performer, but also a percussive musician! Classes incorporate the classic steps and terminology of tap dancing while adding a fresh approach to choreography. Dancers learn to coordinate rhythm, agility, and musicality to execute clarity in sound and movement.

Youth Tap 2: 8-12 yrs, 45 min class, from Kids Kombo 3 or beginner
Youth Tap 3: 8-13 yrs, 45 min class, experienced
Adult Beginner Tap: 18 yrs +, 45 min class
Adult Inter/Adv Tap: 18 yrs +, 2 yrs experience minimum, 1 hr class


Shoes for Kidz Kombo: black gym slipper or any black jazz shoe and black patent tap shoes (So Danca #TA35) or black Mary Jane tap shoe (Capezio 3800)
Shoes ages 12 and under: black buckle tap shoe (Capezio Mary Jane #3800C)
Shoes ages 13 +: black buckle up tap shoe (Capezio Mary Jane #3800) or black lace up tap shoe (Capezio Tic Tac Toe #443)

Girls: Form fitting clothing - tank tops, crop tops, bodysuits and tights, fitted t-shirts, booty shorts (no gym shorts), dance capris, dance pants.
Boys: Form fitting clothing - t-shirts, tank tops, dance pants or shorts
For safety reasons dancers are not permitted to wear jewellery (earring studs only). Long hair must be tied back and short hair must be kept tidy with the use of a headband or barrettes. Students are NOT permitted to wear jeans.

Words from our parents

My granddaughter has developed many friendships through her participation at the studio and she has had the opportunity to interact with younger students as an assistant in their classes. I truly believe that Michelle and her staff provide that perfect balance of encouraging without demanding, setting expectations through caring, and demonstrating respect through modelling all while providing a strong desire for the love of dance. I have seen evidence of all of this by the continuing increased level of confidence, growth, compassion and the love of dance within my own granddaughter! Thank you Emotion Dance Company!


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