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Jazz/Tap Ages 2 - 7

Classes will explore tap and jazz fundamentals through the use of fun music, imagination, creative movement and playful learning in this electric combination class! Children will develop coordination and musical interpretation while learning to listen to their teacher, co-operate with others and work independently. Levels will be based on age and will be divided appropriately. Be ready for your child to bring out their inner diva or dude! 

Kidz Kombo 1: 2 yrs (2 years as of September 2019), 30 min class, half jazz/half tap
Kidz Kombo 2: 3-4 yrs (Born 2015/2016), 45 min class, half jazz/half tap
Kidz Kombo 3: 5-7 yrs (Born 2012-2014), 1 hr class, half jazz/half tap

Jazz Ages 2 to Adult (1 hr classes)
Jazz is an exciting and ever evolving dance form full of rhythm, passion and soul! Jazz brings energy and life to all those who dance it. Classes explore and encourage individual expression and the development of personal style and technique. Classes focus on strength, flexibility, co –ordination, musicality and performance skills while using popular music and fresh moves.

jazz dance

Age 2 to Adult

Youth Jazz 2: 8-12 yrs, 45 min class, from Kids Kombo 3 or beginner
Youth Jazz 3: 9-13 yrs, 1 hour class, 1 year experience minimum
Teen Jazz 1: 12 yrs +, 1 hr class
Teen Jazz 2: 12 yrs +, 1 year experience minimum
Teen Contemporary/Jazz 1: 12 yrs +, 1 hr class
Teen Contemporary/Jazz 2: 12 yrs +, 1 year experience minimum
Adult Beginner Contemporary/Jazz: 18 yrs +, 1 hr class
Adult Inter/Adv Open (Contemporary/Jazz): 18 yrs +, 1 yr experience minimum, 1 hr class


Shoes for Kidz Kombo: black gym slipper or any black jazz shoe and black patent tap shoes (So Danca #TA35) or black Mary Jane tap shoe (Capezio 3800)
Shoes for ages 8+:
Canvas Slipper (So Danca BA45)

Form fitting clothing including tank tops, crop tops, bodysuits and tights, t-shirts, booty shorts, dance capris, dance pants, shorts
Fitted tank tops, t-shirts, dance pants, shorts

Girls - LONG HAIR: Hair must be worn off the face in a ponytail or bun, clips or barrettes holding loose bangs off the face
            SHORT HAIR: Hair must be worn off the face with a headband, clips or barrettes holding loose bangs off the face
Boys - Longer hair must be worn off the face

Words from our parents

Even though we live out of town, there is no doubt that Emotion Dance Company is worth the drive! I’ve seen my daughter grow leaps and bounds in skill and confidence in such a short time. The choreography is stunning and the talent at this studio is incredible. The staff are highly trained and week after week, invest their energy, talent, passion, and enthusiasm into the students. There is such a clear commitment to help the students not only develop their dance skills, but to grow as individuals. I know that my daughter’s time at Emotion is preparing her not only for a great dance season, but is also building resiliency skills that she will rely on throughout life.


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