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Contemporary Ages 9 - Adult (1 hr classes)
Contemporary combines abstract movement and levels of spatial awareness. Classes focus on choreography and expression while combining ballet, jazz and modern techniques. It is recommended for students to be taking ballet.


Ages 9 to Adult

Youth 1: 9 - 11 yrs, 1 hr class, beginner
Youth 2: 12 yrs +, 1 hr class, 1 year experience minimum
Adult Inter/Adv Open (Contemporary/Jazz): 18 yrs +, 1 yr experience minimum, 1 hr class


Shoes: Canvas Slipper (SoDanca BA45)

Attire: Form fitting clothing including tank tops, crop tops, bodysuits and tights, fitted t-shirts, booty shorts, dance capris, dance pants, shorts.

Hairstyle #1 - LONG HAIR: MUST be worn off of the face in a ponytail or bun clips or barrettes holding loose bangs off the face
Hairstyle #1 - SHORT HAIR: Hair MUST be worn off the face with a headband, clips or barrettes holding loose bangs off the face
Hairstyle #2 -Longer hair MUST be worn off the face

Words from our parents

On a recommendation we tried Emotion and I am so glad we did! The second I walked into your studio I could feel the difference - it was such a relaxed, comfortable, positive and fun environment - an environment that you foster:-)

I wanted to let you know how much my family (the grandparents, my husband and my sister) thoroughly enjoyed the show. I saw parts of it back stage on the screen and felt the same way. They all kept talking about how they felt ‘the level of dancing and choreography was far superior than the previous shows’ they had seen. I cannot even begin to imagine how many hours of work and planning went into organizing something like that!? It was amazing! (And to do all that work while smiling is even more remarkable.). Even more than that, however, I think what i appreciated was the clear care and love of the children I could feel and see backstage. Everything from the toys and colouring you had carefully laid out, to the bin of treats, to the meticulous way it was all organized. Instead of walking my daughters into a stressful, crowded room backstage with people yelling and girls being reprimanded left right and center, I saw a room with caring, happy volunteers and children laughing. Thank you for creating that experience for them!

I hope you were able to relax for a bit after the show - you definitely deserved it! And I hope you know how wonderful you are at what you do!


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