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Twinkle Toes: 2 yrs, 30 min class, half jazz/half tap
Pre-Primary Ballet 1: 3-5 yrs, 30 min class
Pre-Primary Ballet 2: 6-8 yrs, 45 min class

Classes focus on ballet technique through the use of imagination, creative movement and playful learning. Ballet terminology and fundamentals are taught through exercises done in the centre of the studio. Children will develop strength, stretch and turnout while learning to listen to their teacher, co-operate with others and work independently

Ballet: Ages 9 – Adult
Celebrated for its beauty, the classical ballet experience can excite and inspire you! Ballet is among the most beautiful forms of expression and will focus on the classical elements of dance. Classes are taught using the Cecchetti method and focus on teaching students proper technique, body alignment, flexibility, turnout, strength and extension. The skills developed in ballet are the foundation for most styles and levels of dance. They are essential for strength, control and power and classes demand high focus from the students.

Youth 1: 9-11 yrs, 45 min class
Youth 2: 12+ yrs, 1 hr class
Syllabus – Invitation Only
Pointe – Invitation Only


Syllabus Ballet Program

The ballet intensive program at Emotion Dance Company is designed for students who show ability and talent in classical dance.

These dancers excel in ballet through their turnout, extension, strength, technique and body alignment and are encouraged to take grade level and major examinations through the syllabus set by the Cecchetti Society of Canada.
The purpose of these examinations is to give teachers and students specific goals to work toward and to maintain standards of development consistent with international standards.
Qualified examiners are provided for students across Canada to take these exams either in the fall or spring.  The dancers are selected by our qualified ballet instructors to participate in the examinations and train intensively to work towards achieving their goals.

Grade Examination Levels
Primary & Grades 1 - 6: Designed to be technically demanding and to provide a solid artistic and technical base for advancement to higher levels.
Major Examination Levels
Intermediate, Advanced 1 Advanced 2: Career oriented, with a high level of technique and artistry expected.
More Information:
Cecchetti Ballet Levels & Examinatons, Guidelines and attire


Hairstyle #1 - Hair MUST be worn off the face in a BUN
Hairstyle #2 - Longer hair MUST be worn off the face



Shoes: Pink leather ballet slippers

Attire: Bodysuit (pink, purple or baby blue), white ankle socks or ballet tights (Mondor Ballerina Pink #316), skirt optional


Shoes: Black leather ballet slipper

Attire: White t-shirt, Black dance pants or shorts (above the knee)



Shoes: Pink canvas ballet slipper

Attire: Black body suit (any style), ballet tights (Mondor Ballerina Pink #316)


Shoes: Black leather ballet slipper

Attire: White t-shirt, Black dance pants or shorts (above the knee)

SYLLABUS (primary and up)

Shoes - all levels:
Canvas shoe (So Danca SD-16)

Appointment to be made at The Shoe Room or Inspirations. Follow their recommendations.


Attire: Teal custom made body suit (purchasable at studio), Ballet tights (Mondor Ballerina Pink #316)


Attire: White t-shirt, Black tights

Words from our parents

My granddaughter has attended Emotion Dance Studio since Miss Michelle opened the doors to her studio in Guelph in 2011. For the past eight years I have watched the amazing growth in my granddaughter as well as so many other students as they continue to develop their individual unique style under the direction and guidance of Michelle and her great staff.

The teachers demonstrate an incredible ability to choreograph to the individual strengths of each dancer while unifying these strengths into trophy winning group performances. Emotion Dance Company provides a welcoming and warm environment that encourages appreciation, acceptance and respect for each other which is so evident when the dancers are at “comp” or during recitals. Their strong vocal support of each other is heard throughout every auditorium!

My granddaughter has developed many friendships through her participation at the studio and she has had the opportunity to interact with younger students as an assistant in their classes. I truly believe that Michelle and her staff provide that perfect balance of encouraging without demanding, setting expectations through caring, and demonstrating respect through modelling all while providing a strong desire for the love of dance. I have seen evidence of all of this by the continuing increased level of confidence, growth, compassion and the love of dance within my own granddaughter!

Thank you Emotion Dance Company!


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